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Larxy x Riku by Elsas-PrincessLarxy x Riku by Elsas-Princess




The Dans by FlameBlood2
The Dans
For those who don't know, these little creatures are based on the Picori (From the Minish Cap).

And yes their race name is called Dan (don't ask...) they are little neckerchief wearing creatures that basically gain their power by making humans happy (you know simple fairytale code of conduct of course) and they will do anything in order for that to happen.... -,- Anything................ Let your imagination run! :D

Aside from that because they have hats on you can't distinguish their gender since we can't see their hair or see what's under........ whatever their wearing :shrug:, so they can basically be distinguished by eyelashes: big eyelash = female, little or no eyelash = male.

So to put it simply, their very helpful and peaceful (can never forget that), you tell their gender by their eyelashes, and they have an interesting race name...

Not to mention they're really cute and make fun noises. (Play the game and you'll understand.)

The Dans © Me
Idea for design © The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap
What A Lucky Day~ by FlameBlood2
What A Lucky Day~
If you payed attention to Luck you would get that this is the creation that I based on the Happy Masked Salesman is called the "Lucky Mask Salesman"

He basically sits in his store selling handmade masks to children and adults of all sorts of sizes, but that doesn't mean his masks are all about fortune. Some deal with misfortune and others have mystical power whether it's transforming (like Majora's Mask) or shooting fireballs and running faster he has them all and for a cheap price too.

On days that are slow he usually closes shop and walks around, like what he's doing in the picture. He usually carries a big bag of masks but when not in the business mood he usually strolls around admiring the day. He sometimes gets attacked by monsters but at the end of the day someone always helps, why do you think he's so lucky?

(I made him as another salesman for my comic.)

"My luck doesn't seem like it's about to run out anytime soon.~"

Lucky Mask Salesman (C) Me
What A Fate~ by FlameBlood2
What A Fate~
"With every meeting comes a parting..."

But it doesn't have to last forever. Yup it's him the Happy Mask Salesman, tired after a long day of.... Selling masks.

Anyway this is what I based the other guy with.

Happy Mask Salesman (C) Zelda
Art (C) Me
How Lucky~ by FlameBlood2
How Lucky~
Dang I messed up! I was supposed to put another drawing first... Oh well.

Anyway this is a character I made based on an iconic character, you can guess who it is. Anyway I'll add more explanation in his next pic

Salesman (C) Me
New Char, Zen by FlameBlood2
New Char, Zen
This is Zen, she's a character I made like a week ago but connected to another character I made last school year.

She is the human form of the wolf deity: Ylva (think that's the name.)

In the other form there are nine (I think) little fireballs that float around her that absorb most elemental damaging attacks, in the end for being a deity thing she's very childish.

Zen (C) Me


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Well yeah I don't do any of those 5:iconcatchpoints02: things anymore... It's all 0:iconcatchpoints02: which means free. B/

So even though everything is free but ya still wanna give 5 points, then go crazy =\ It won't matter to me .... I have no goals...

No more rules =P --> :iconcatchpoints01::iconcatchpoints02:

-To Do-
:bulletred: No start... --> :bulletyellow: Le started --> :bulletgreen: Ding! Done :D

More numbers will be added the more stuff people ask and stuff you know...



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Ugh it's been TOO long...

Apparently my laptop doesn't support DeviantArt...

Anyway I'm now using a phone that officially belongs to me..... I hope...

Anyway..... It's been way too long.....

But I'm back... Hopefully...


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Whelp what is there to say... I'm Male I like drawing and my first digital pic looks good to me I don't know about anyone else... :D Well I hope you like what you see :D

That rhymed :dummy:


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