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Request: Mitch by FlameBlood2
Request: Mitch
I drew both ^^;

Request: :iconpunineko-chan:

He's supposed to be blushing at something .-. I almost forgot the ears at the end...

Mitch © :iconpunineko-chan
Request: Shylock by FlameBlood2
Request: Shylock
When I think about it..... I should've looked at the furaffinity link......

Request :iconpunineko-chan:

He's supposed to look annoyed. I don't know if I succeeded....

Shylock © :iconpunineko-chan:
Request: Plum Tea by FlameBlood2
Request: Plum Tea
I would've colored but I'm not trained for that.... ^^;

Request by: :iconocadoptcenter:
Their character Plum Tea:

I don't know if I did it right or screwed up ^^; But I did it :D

Plum Tea © :iconocadoptcenter:
Request: Persona Z by FlameBlood2
Request: Persona Z
I don't know if the 'Persona' part is necessary but whatever. :/

Request by :icontealsy99:
Draw her character in haunted woods... I'm not sure if this is okay though.... Eh hope ya like it.

Z © :icontealsy99:


FlameBlood2 has started a donation pool!
92 / 1,000
:iconnopointcommissions: (Nobody even wants any :/ Plus when I see everyone elses I notice they're like 500:points: for one pic with one char!? No, no, no, not today not EVER!!)
:iconnogifts: (When I have I ever given anyone something other then a small greeting :iconfaceplamplz:
Colorful :meow:

Well yeah I don't do any of those 5:iconcatchpoints02: things anymore... It's all 0:iconcatchpoints02: which means free. B/

So even though everything is free but ya still wanna give 5 points, then go crazy =\ It won't matter to me .... I have no goals...

No more rules =P --> :iconcatchpoints01::iconcatchpoints02:

-To Do-
:bulletred: No start... --> :bulletyellow: Le started --> :bulletgreen: Ding! Done :D

More numbers will be added the more stuff people ask and stuff you know...



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(Here's hoping nobody would read this....)

Well I'm starting to come back and well since I have a less than thin thread of ideas I was wondering if I should go back to doing requests and all so uh.... Yeah if anyone wants a request then well go ahead and ask. I don't really do commissions anymore nobody even asked me for them anyway and I doubt anyone will ask me for a request either.... Wow I just realized... The only free thing in the world and nobody asked me for one.... That's amazing!

Well yeah requests are open and were never closed to be honest. I actually like drawing other people's characters I would just want permission first and I'm too shy due to low self-esteem to ask so this is the next best thing for me. So I guess to be legit I gotta make rules right?


1. You can message me below or send a note if you want a request.
2. If possible send a link of the character so I know what they look like (I suggest multiple links so I don't have to go into anyone's gallery searching around for more info)
3. I have no inspiration so tell me what you want, (ex. Them punching an apple.... Or uh... Just walkin' an' talkin' to another character.) If you don't say what they are doing I'll just draw them in a random little thing...
4. If you want please state the background otherwise it will be whitespace.
5. I'm no pro so please don't expect me to draw some complex megazoid fused autobot... .-. That doesn't mean I won't try.
6. Points ruin friendship. (I saw that in a barber shop "Credit breaks friendship.") That's why it's a request it's free. You can give me points bit I will not hesitate to ask why, I mean they're not bad but eh.... I'm just sayin'....
7. Don't be shy to ask for anything I don't really care what you want !e to draw, if I can do it I will.... (I hope I'm not messing up when I say that...).
8. (I wanted 7 rules since it's my lucky number but whatever...) Be CAREFUL of what you ask me to draw! If you try to troll me by making me draw something stupid then the joke is on you because I will do it! >=T  My cousin learned that the hard way. X3

Anyway I guess that's it. Also when you request I'll stop any other drawings I'm working on and finish yours first. That's how I am people power yay! Just limit the requests if you have more then 1 I mean, I am human. That doesn't mean 5 requests and no more for you I mean..... Rule 9!

9. Requests are unlimited it just takes time to draw them. I will try to finish as soon as possible.

Meaning if I have the info I need then that request can be finished that same day, that's just how fast I literally draw on paper. If it's digital don't expect me to finish it  faster than 2 months. I have no tablet pen and my 3ds has no stylus and it doesn't charge properly so yeah.... I just don't want to use my fingers to draw on the tablet anymore......

So I guess that's it this time..... I mean it.... So yeah I'll check comments tomorrow later! :D


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Whelp what is there to say... I'm Male I like drawing and my first digital pic looks good to me I don't know about anyone else... :D Well I hope you like what you see :D

That rhymed :dummy:


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