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A Legend is never born....
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A Beautiful Display by FlameBlood2 A Beautiful Display :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 2 0 The Puppeteer by FlameBlood2 The Puppeteer :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 3 6 Pocket Salt! by FlameBlood2 Pocket Salt! :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 1 2 A Small Visitor Part. 2 by FlameBlood2 A Small Visitor Part. 2 :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 1 2 A Small Visitor Part. 1 by FlameBlood2 A Small Visitor Part. 1 :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 1 2 A Little Interaction with Many Days by FlameBlood2 A Little Interaction with Many Days :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 2 4 Twitch! by FlameBlood2 Twitch! :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 2 2 Atalgyo by FlameBlood2 Atalgyo :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 4 7 Some Flame Expressions by FlameBlood2 Some Flame Expressions :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 0 0 Happy Halloween 2/2 by FlameBlood2 Happy Halloween 2/2 :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 1 0 Happy Halloween 1/2 by FlameBlood2 Happy Halloween 1/2 :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 2 0 Struggle in the BadLands by FlameBlood2 Struggle in the BadLands :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 0 0 King DeDeDe (As a Human) by FlameBlood2 King DeDeDe (As a Human) :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 1 5 Cover for The Legends of Flame by FlameBlood2 Cover for The Legends of Flame :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 0 2 Panky Panther by FlameBlood2 Panky Panther :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 4 11 Remember... by FlameBlood2 Remember... :iconflameblood2:FlameBlood2 0 0
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Christmas Fairy by Dferous Christmas Fairy :icondferous:Dferous 93 9 Thank you - Yuuki by Peachirii Thank you - Yuuki :iconpeachirii:Peachirii 437 94 Bustshot colored Com: Sylvia by Peachirii Bustshot colored Com: Sylvia :iconpeachirii:Peachirii 516 42 Bustshot anatomy by Peachirii Bustshot anatomy :iconpeachirii:Peachirii 1,139 26




A Beautiful Display
"What a beautiful display, wouldn't you agree?"

It's Neoma a pleasantly sinister woman. This took a while to make.

Neoma by Me
The Puppeteer
It's Panlores (Legend version), the owner of the weapon Atalgyō. By this point she's a hermit who usually let's her puppet do most of the work.

Those lines around her are strings (of course) and they are kind of used as a defense mechanism. Simply put, attack with a weapon and those powerful strings made of energy (might I add) will stop you and take control of your weapon (if you attack with one), it can't control Underground weapons though (I'll explain that later) for certain reasons.

She rarely leaves her home or territory, making it more likely that you'll see Atalgyō instead. She's relatively nice but cautious since she doesn't have much interaction with others. Panlores can also control people if certain circumstances are met, making it better to stay on her good side.

Panlores & Atalgyō by Me
Pocket Salt!
"My ultimate attack missed!?"

"Why do I even bother with you..."

I can't stop laughing at this! XD
Okay simply put, Flame fights his half-brother Frost declaring that he has a "New Attack", so Frost gives him the benefit of the doubt and humors (I think that's how it's spelled) Flame. Little did Frost know, it was all about humor.

I was trying to practice on facial expressions and so on, if nobody knew the first pose of Flame is actually a Josuke (Yes from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) pose. Can anyone find out when? Either way, all of that build up just for this. I still can't help but chuckle at this. X3

Flame & Frost by Me
A Small Visitor Part. 2
-After calling out, Twitch almost immediately gets an answer much to his surprise! With a turn he sees a calm elegant woman greeting him, apologizing for any perceived rudeness on her part for following unsure of how to originally approach him. Twitch quickly regaining his composure introduces himself and so does the individual. With a bow she proclaims herself to be "Aster Vermillion" the owner of the area Twitch is exploring and requests to hear the tales of Twitch's adventure so far.-

Well there's the second page of the request where Aster Vermillion makes her appearance. This was another request of interaction and I wanted this to be more than just a random scene of some of characters messing around. Aster Vermillion is another of :iconred-sprites:'s characters, the owner of a Mansion (or castle) that is stuck in a certain era of time. Aster is used to seeing creatures pop up but is unfamiliar to the time period they come from which explains her caution with Twitch and why she would want to hear his stories. One thing I'm not sure of though is her personality so I went with the calm and serene type basically (To be honest, I was listening to this while drawing her: ) so sorry if I screwed it up ^^;

Aster Vermillion by :iconred-sprites:
Twitch by Me
A Small Visitor Part. 1
This is one of two pages of another request.

-Here Twitch finds himself in a mansion (or castle) and begins to explore it. It's fairly late so there's nobody around or awake, or is there? From a distance an unknown figure watches our impish buddy. After some time though Twitch begins to get tired of the silence and decides to call out...-

That door though took a bit out of me, I didn't know what castle doors were like so here's a good guess. :shrug: Those things in the back of some panels are columns to support the place (I guess), those are where a silent observer watches and follows Twitch. No need to wait for the second page I'm putting it out after this one!

Twitch by Me


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I know I'm supposed to be uploading like crazy! But I don't know I got problems (Not actual problems I'm just lazy...). Either way sorry for that, I blame slow internet and me not drawing as much as I would like other than that later in the future I might even post some writing who knows =T

Still though... I have the app for this place but lack sufficient initiative to really go on it..... Unless there's like a comment or somethin'.


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Whelp what is there to say... I'm Male I like drawing and my first digital pic looks good to me I don't know about anyone else... Aside from that the only other thing I'll say is that my real age not the age it says on the deviant art thing. :D Well I hope you like what you see.


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